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    We partner with Squarespace to identify and activate collaborations with the most inspiring artists and cultural properties. For the Grammys, we wanted to showcase the exceptional journey of Leon Bridges—a Squarespace user—to inspire others to put their talent out there on a bigger stage. We created :60, :30, :15 spots, a short documentary film and redesigned his site.

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Leon Bridges


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    We grew Nike’s running community and re-opened its flagship store around the Boston Marathon one year after the tragedy. With Guido Vitti, we created a run club from scratch, documented it and leveraged the assets to create retail signage, official gear and a limited edition zine.

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We Run In Mass.


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    Golfsmith came to Preacher looking for a new campaign that would broaden its appeal beyond the avid golfer. Our work positioned the brand as a solution for all skill levels by showcasing relatable, less-than-perfect scenarios on the course and specific products and services that can help every player improve his or her game.

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Anything For Golf


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    We brought Tommy John's new brand positioning to life through various touch-points, most notably an anthemic film. Highlighting the unspoken epidemic of men adjusting themselves due to sub-par undergarments, we struck a chord and started a conversation. The video has been viewed by over a million people and counting with minimal paid media support.

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No Adjustment Needed

Tommy John

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