Assist To Resist

Because Black lives continue to be taken from us, and taken for granted, by those with power. Because the absolute bare minimum of saying Black Lives Matter still gets debated. Because so many of our friends and family “have seen this movie before” but also because “this time may be different.” Because the system is racist and rigged. And because we have agency, power, and platforms to implement an effective change in our community, industry, and beyond as an agency.

Getting the words right to express our commitment to action is important to us. Yet as many have realized we can’t let perfection get in the way of progress. Assist to Resist defines our role primarily as servants of something way greater than ourselves, as supporters and advocates, as listeners rather than leaders. Listeners who will nurture and promote the advancement of Black people. We assist those who are tired of experiencing injustice and those who have woken up. It defines the challenge as an actual fight and one that’s on-going. We resist so history doesn’t repeat itself, resist ulterior motives, resist the urge for easy wins. We resist those who comply and are complacent with the halting of Black success and life. We resist fatigue.

Preacher set out to spread the good word every day for brands, organizations, artists, causes, and creative people. We believe it’s possible to keep our spirit of optimism intact while recognizing the urgency to challenge our industry’s biases and break the hate in society. It will take small steps and massive moves, and it will mean staying committed.

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