Butch Anthony 2


RF. Alvarez


RF. Alvarez was born in 1988 in San Antonio, Texas. The son of a Mexican immigrant father and 6th generation cattle-ranching mother, he grew up across two distinct cultures embedded in the Texas landscape. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Alvarez lived and worked in New York City and Los Angeles, before returning to central Texas to develop his studio practice. He currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Alvarez's work deals with impermanence, indulgence, and belonging: three interconnected pillars of the queer experience. As a gay man whose father immigrated from Mexico and whose mother comes from a family of cowboys, his work responds to these heritages by showcasing the fallacy of masculinity central to both. Alvarez creates images of a world where things are beautiful, temporary, unfurled, and tender. He shows men in love. He shows groups of queer friends drinking and talking. He shows flowers in full bloom, at the edge of wilting, fighting for their own beauty. And he shows windswept landscapes of the place he is from: a place of deep thunderstorms and dried grass and conflict. Alvarez hopes, by presenting these images in often monotone, shadowy composition, to present a vision of queer resilience.

Jul 14
Aug 18