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Vivid Terrain Explorations in Color, Light, and Form

Emily Eisenhart turns the world into her canvas.

From her detailed drawings to towering murals, every mark from her hand is an ode to the delicate harmony between the natural and built worlds.

In this new body of work, Emily showcases her imaginative style through expressive, color-soaked landscapes and dimensional sculpture. Drawing inspiration from the fleeting interplay of light and shadow, the rich biodiversity of nature, and the tangible joy of making, Vivid Terrain is part gallery and part experiential exhibit.

Emily Eisenhart, a multidisciplinary artist from Austin, Texas, draws inspiration from her creative and adventurous upbringing as the daughter of an artist and anthropologist. Whether wandering the coastal beaches of Washington, immersing herself in the rich culture and geography of the Southwest, or exploring Austin’s vibrant Greenbelt, she finds inspiration in the ever-changing colors, patterns, and textures of nature. With a background in Cultural Anthropology and years of training at the esteemed design firm, IDEO, she seamlessly merges artistic expression with a strategic design orientation. She has collaborated with partners of all kinds, from prominent national brands to real estate developers, architects, interior designers, and individual collectors. From murals to sculpture to artful branding, each collaboration serves as a catalyst for her creative expansion.

Feb 22
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