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Trans Pecos Documentary


We wanted to start 2018 resolute. That’s why we partnered with a troop of strong willed brands including: Patagonia, Big Bend Conservation Alliance, Fort Lonesome, Big Bend Brewing Co., Knob Creek and Tito’s Vodka to promote the release of Nicol Ragland’s upcoming film. Trans Pecos is a documentary that exposes the tragic story of stolen land in America’s last frontier. The event featured a teaser screening of the film, a photographic showcase of the the dwindling frontier (shot by Nicol), a panel discussing the implications of imminent domain, a musical performance by The Tender Things and custom chain stitching by Fort Lonesome; with all proceeds benefiting the film’s production and the BBCA. It was a humbling experience and an honor to assist such a righteous effort.


David Lynch – Festival of Disruption


When we were asked by the David Lynch Foundation to help design and produce their first annual Festival of Disruption, we had to pinch ourselves. It was an honor to collaborate with a true creative genius. Hosted at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the sold-out festival was a three-day collective-consciousness experience which brought together musicians like Robert Plant and St. Vincent, speakers like John Malkovich, Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Frank Gehry, and exhibits all curated by David himself. All proceeds went to the David Lynch Foundation, which benefits those struggling with PTSD and chronic anxiety by introducing them to Transcendental Meditation, free of charge.

Festival-Of-Disruption-Preacher-3 Festival-Of-Disruption-Preacher-4 Festival-Of-Disruption-Preacher-5 Festival-Of-Disruption-Preacher-6 Festival-Of-Disruption-Preacher-7

SXSW Early Service 2017


At Preacher, we’ve made a habit of reveling in the influx of music, art, film and creativity that SXSW attracts year in and out. 2017 was no exception. Preacher’s SXSW Early Service featured the surreal works of Butch Anthony, sports claymation by AZXD, a mirror installation encouraging self-reflection, a shrine honoring all of our past and present False Idols, an organist playing 70s country bangers, sets by DJ Dangit and an ultra-chill musical performance by Real Estate.

SXSW-Preacher-16 SXSW-Preacher-1 SXSW-Preacher-14 SXSW-Preacher-12 SXSW-Preacher-10 SXSW-Preacher-11 SXSW-Preacher-8 SXSW-Preacher-4 SXSW-Preacher-13 SXSW-Preacher-3 SXSW-Preacher-5 SXSW-Preacher-9 SXSW-Preacher-6 SXSW-Preacher-2 SXSW-Preacher-15

Leon Bridges - This is Home


“This is Home” is a documentary about the quick rise from dishwasher and small-town singer song-writer to Grammy-nominated artist, Leon Bridges. Directed by legendary photographer and filmmaker Danny Clinch, the film features Bridges, his bandmates (Austin Jenkins, Jeff Dazey, Andrew Skates), his photographer Rambo, and his mother, Lisa Sawyer. They reflect on how in just a year’s time, Bridges went from performing at open mic nights to selling out venues around the world with his unique reincarnation of soul. Leon wanted to share the documentary with his home by hosting a special screening in his beloved hometown of Forth Worth, TX. The screening, presented by Squarespace and Gorilla vs. Bear, took place on June 29th at Shipping & Receiving – the same venue that housed his first ever full-band concert. The proceeds from ticket sales and the limited-edition posters created by Preacher were donated to the Texas Council on Family Violence, a Fort Worth based charity.

Leon-Bridges-This-Is-Home-Rambo Leon-Bridges-This-Is-Home-Poster Leon-Bridges-This-Is-Home-Poster-2 Leon-Bridges-This-Is-Home-stage

Nick Simonite - In The Wings Gallery Show


If parts of Texas have a reputation for being barren or lifeless, that’s because they haven’t been witnessed through Nick Simonite’s perspective. The Preacher Gallery hosted a show in September featuring Nick’s aerial photography, where he captures the landscape of West Texas. The compositions are done in such a way that it makes us feel as though we're looking at a different planet, showing us that the Lone Star State is anything but ordinary.

Nick-Simonite-2 Nick-Simonite-3 Nick-Simonite-4 Nick-Simonite-5 Nick-Simonite-6 Nick-Simonite-7 Nick-Simonite-8 Nick-Simonite-9 Nick-Simonite-10 Nick-Simonite-11 Nick-Simonite-12 Nick-Simonite-14 Nick-Simonite-37 Nick-Simonite-15 Nick-Simonite-16 Nick-Simonite-21 Nick-Simonite-18 Nick-Simonite-19 Nick-Simonite-20

Lighten Up - Joe Swec Gallery Show


In June, we had the privilege of hosting a show for our local sign painting hero, Joe Swec, and his year-long labor of love project “Lighten Up" - 101 matchbooks he painstakingly painted by hand. The Preacher gallery was overflowing with support from Austin’s creative community, taking in Joe’s craft and profound life advice – proof that big ideas can fit onto any canvas, no matter how small. We’re grateful for the reminder. Special thanks to Greg Giannukos, Vineet Gorhandas and our house manager Phil for the photography.

Joe-Swec-12 Joe-Swec-09 Joe-Swec-14 Joe-Swec-02 Joe-Swec-10 Joe-Swec-04 Joe-Swec-22 Joe-Swec-27 Joe-Swec-03 Joe-Swec-05 Joe-Swec-26 Joe-Swec-06 Joe-Swec-20 Joe-Swec-28 Joe-Swec-08 Joe-Swec-07 Joe-Swec-21 Joe-Swec-16 Joe-Swec-01 Joe-Swec-24 Joe-Swec-11 Joe-Swec-29 Joe-Swec-19 Joe-Swec-13 Joe-Swec-23

Danny Clinch - Motor Drive

Motor Drive-2

We are beyond excited to share a glimpse of our dear friend and collaborator Danny Clinch's most recent book “Motor drive”. It's a stunning limited-edition book of 340 copies, inspired by the 340 Mopar Engine in Tom Morello’s 1972 Dodge Demon. Even the listing price gives a nod to the largest American made V8 engine. See the collaboration of music and machine as only Danny's lens could capture. You can purchase a copy of "Motor Drive" here.

Motor Drive-1 Motor Drive-5 Motor Drive-3 Motor Drive-4

Portraits SXSW 2016

Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 28

After an impressive collection of tintypes last year, we have to say that the Smilebooth photos from this year's Early Service met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks again to everyone who came and blessed us with our presence.

Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 1 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 5 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 6 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 8 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 2 b Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 10 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 11 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 12 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 9b Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 13 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 14 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 15 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 16 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 17b Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 19 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 18 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 20 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 23 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 21 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 24 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 25a Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 25b Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 26 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 27 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 29 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 30 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 31 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 33 Preacher SXSW Smilebooth 34

SXSW 2016 'Early Service' - A Spiritual Journey


Being based in the city of Austin, every year we get to host friends and family flying in from all over the world for SXSW as they try to find the most meaningful inspiration, music, film, and tacos. For this year’s Preacher Early Service we created a spiritual journey featuring an all-star gallery show, virtual reality films by, a spirit animal petting zoo, sets by DJ Dangit, and a mind-blowing musical performance by White Denim. Thanks to everyone who blessed us with your talent and presence.

Preacher-Early-Service-2 Preacher-Early-Service-3 Preacher-Early-Service-4 Preacher-Early-Service-50 Preacher-Early-Service-12 Preacher-Early-Service-21 Preacher-Early-Service-7 Preacher-Early-Service-9b Preacher-Early-Service-8 Preacher-Early-Service-9 Preacher-Early-Service-11 Preacher-Early-Service-6 Preacher-Early-Service-17 Preacher-Early-Service-18 Preacher-Early-Service-24 Preacher-Early-Service-23 Preacher-Early-Service-34 Preacher-Early-Service-53 Preacher-Early-Service-31 Preacher-Early-Service-49 Preacher-Early-Service-27 Preacher-Early-Service-43 Preacher-Early-Service-20 Preacher-Early-Service-39 Preacher-Early-Service-36 Preacher-Early-Service-52 Preacher-Early-Service-40 Preacher-Early-Service-41 Preacher-Early-Service-44 Preacher-Early-Service-42 Preacher-Early-Service-19 Preacher-Early-Service-48

'Lucky 13' a Decoder Ring Retrospective


When we heard our talented friend and leader of The Decoder Ring, Geoff Peveto was looking for a space to host their Lucky 13 retrospective, we were honored to even be considered. It was a special gallery hanging of the first 13 Decoder Ring prints, rare editions from their archives and the debut of Bobby Dixion’s stunning new 23 layer print. Our walls were filled some of the finest screen print posters we’ve ever seen, plus all the layers of artwork that it took to create them.

Decoder-Ring-8 Decoder-Ring-1 Decoder-Ring-2 Decoder-Ring-3 Decoder-Ring-4 Decoder-Ring-9 Decoder-Ring-6

Blair Crimmins and the Hookers Show


The Preacher Gallery kicked off the new year with a special show featuring Blair Crimmins and the Hookers. A ragtime musician hailing from Atalanta, Blair brought his powerful sound and soulful vibe that got our family dancing with the spirit. For those who aren't able to join us, you can check out Blair's music here. Special thanks to our friends at Sawyer and Co. for the delicious spread.

Blair-Crimmins-2 Blair-Crimmins-3 Blair-Crimmins-4 Blair-Crimmins-5 Blair-Crimmins-6 Blair-Crimmins-7 Blair-Crimmins-8 Blair-Crimmins-9 Blair-Crimmins-10

Project Loop 50/50.3 Opening Auction


This December we were honored to host the third year of Project Loop 50/50, an art fundraiser to build a public skate park in Taylor, Texas. Over 100 renowned artists from across the country donated one-of-a-kind skateboards that were presented at a packed show in the Preacher Gallery and were then auctioned off online. We are grateful to everyone who came through, donated their time, energy and art, and bid on the decks. This year the financial goal for the park was finally met, and now it’s up to the City of Taylor to help realize these deserving kids’ dream.

5050SkateShow 5050SkateShow edit

The Range - Production

From-The-Range 1

Corbett Jones, co-owner of The Range, has been a creative partner and friend since Preacher opened its doors. From production of music videos for artists like Spiritualized to directing his first feature documentary All We Need Is Another Chance, his wandering journey is an inspiring one. We're proud to share a few of his personal photos taken throughout his work travels.

From-The-Range 2 From-The-Range 5 From-The-Range 6 From-The-Range 7 From-The-Range 4 From-The-Range 3

Big Whoop Art Show


Last weekend Preacher Gallery had the good fortune to host the collaborative art show “Big Whoop” by two of our heroes, Michael Sieben and Travis Millard in partnership with Volcom. The good folks from Industry Print Shop were on hand doing live screen printing. Cocktails combining the goodness of Juiceland and Tito's Vodka plus live bluegrass by Tim Kerr and friends kept the vibes sunny despite the pouring rain outside. And luckily our superstar friend and photographer Alison Narro was on hand to capture some soulful images of the night.

Big-Whoop-10 Big-Whoop-7 Big-Whoop-1 Big-Whoop-4 Big-Whoop-14-v2 Big-Whoop-8 Big-Whoop-3 Big-Whoop-5 Big-Whoop-11 Big-Whoop-6 1 Big-Whoop-2 Big-Whoop-15 Big-Whoop-12 Big-Whoop-16

Rich Cali - Artist


Rich Cali is one of the most uniquely talented souls Preacher has the honor of calling a friend. We think his work speaks for itself, and are so grateful for the opportunity to debut "TONGUES", a 1/1 edition hand painted, drawn and bound book. If you are interested in learning more about "TONGUES" please email, and start following @richcali on Instagram for your daily inspiration.

Rich-Cali-2 Rich-Cali-3 Rich-Cali-4 Rich-Cali-5 Rich-Cali-6 Rich-Cali-7 Rich-Cali-8 Rich-Cali-9 Rich-Cali-10 Rich-Cali-11 Rich-Cali-12 Rich-Cali-13 Rich-Cali-14 Rich-Cali-15 Rich-Cali-16 Rich-Cali-17

Noble People


We’re truly excited for our kindred spirits and media partners on several clients - Noble People (formerly known as Ikon3). They were recently recognized as AdAge's Small Agency of the Year. Just weeks in advance of receiving this award, they asked Preacher to give them an entirely new name, identity and website that spoke to their unique purpose and personality. So after some serious hustling we proudly introduced Noble People and its new branding to reflect their integrity, creativity, humanity and complete lack of bullshit. We can vouch for that.


Nick Simonite - Photographer


Nick Simonite is one of the most thoughtful creative talents we’ve met since opening Preacher. In addition to having a razor-sharp eye for detail, he also has a huge heart and is always down for a collaborative challenge. Nick is definitely someone whose work needs to be seen by everyone we know, including this mesmerizing collection of aerial images entitled “Top-Down”. Check out more of his unique view of the world at


Cuvée Coffee Store Mural


When our good friends at Cuvée Coffee asked us to bring some of their Austin roots and soul into the new flagship store, we decided they had enough to fill a wall. Designed by Preacher and painted by the multitalented artists at Ramona Press, the finished mural covers almost 400 square feet in their stunning space on Austin's East Side. Stop by 2000 East 6th Street for great local coffee, tacos, events and vibes.


SXSW Portraits


We think it was well worth the wait to go through the hundreds of amazing tintype-inspired portraits of our new friends and old family who filled up the Preacher home for our annual SXSW event. So many great faces that we hope to see again soon. Many thanks to our co-hosts from Working Not Working and the tireless, talented folks at Smilebooth who helped us realize an antique vision in the modern world.


SXSW 2015


Once again the tech, entertainment and creative worlds descended on Austin for SXSW. Preacher had the pleasure of hosting them all in partnership with our dear friends at Working Not Working – appropriately dubbed Preaching Not Preaching. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of warm appreciation we received about the Sunday gathering of creative souls that featured a stunning group show in the Preacher Gallery, the premier of virtual reality film Catatonic by director Guy Shelmerdine and, a performance by Hamilton Leithauser, and sets by DJ Freedom Rock.

SXSW2015-2 SXSW2015-3 SXSW2015-6 SXSW2015-7 SXSW2015-8 SXSW2015-9 SXSW2015-10 SXSW2015-11 SXSW2015-12 SXSW2015-13 SXSW2015-14 SXSW2015-15 SXSW2015-16 SXSW2015-17 SXSW2015-18 SXSW2015-19 SXSW2015-20 SXSW2015-21 SXSW2015-24 SXSW2015-25 SXSW2015-26


Lupulo Hero

George Mendes is one of the most exciting chefs in America, known for his modern, seasonal take on Portuguese food at Michelin-starred restaurant Aldea in NYC. When he decided to open a beautiful new rustic restaurant called Lupulo (which means hops in Portuguese), Preacher was thrilled to create the branding. This is a small taste of a big collection of work we can't wait to see when the restaurant opens in late March.

Lupulo 1 Lupulo 2 Lupulo 3 Lupulo 4 Lupulo 5

Last Days: A film by Kathryn Bigelow

Last Days Hero

Preacher was honored to help Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow and Annapurna Pictures launch this terribly urgent project. An elephant is being murdered every 15 minutes, and the sale of illegal ivory is funding international terrorist organizations. This is terrorism we can actually do something about. Please visit to watch the film and learn how to help protect endangered elephants and innocent people. We're running out of time to stand together.

Last Days 1 Last Days 2

POP AUSTIN Neon Art Show

POP Hero

Preacher had the privilege to help produce and host a group show and after party showcasing the work of artists Todd Sanders, Bale Creek Allen, Patrick Martinez and Denial. Austin has always had a love affair with neon signs, and we were proud to see 14 stunning pieces light up a beautiful open space and receive the celebration they deserve. Select photos by Tico Mendoza

POP 1 POP 2 POP 3 POP 4 POP 5 POP 6 POP 7 POP 8 POP 9 POP 10 POP 11 POP 12 POP 13

Alexandra Valenti - Photographer & Artist

Valenti Hero

Alexandra Valenti is a wildly talented commercial photographer and artist who splits her time between Los Angeles and Austin. Her unique look at the world comes alive in vibrant, dream-like images, which sometimes combine her photography and painting. Her work often features people interacting with the natural world, presenting both in their most beautiful and harmonious state. Our conference room wall displays a stunning photo Alexandra took of waves crashing onto rocks, which seems fitting somehow. See more of Alexandra’s magical photography and artwork at

Valenti 1 Valenti 2 Valenti 3 Valenti 4 Valenti 5 Valenti 6 Valenti 7 Valenti 8 Valenti 9 Valenti 10 Valenti 11 Valenti 12 Valenti 13 Valenti 14 Valenti 15

Joe Swec - Sign Painter

Swec Hero

With a steady hand and an impeccable eye, sign painter Joe Swec has spent years transforming many of Austin’s businesses, restaurants, and bars into iconic works of art. His super clean lines and timeless designs add a special warmth and humanity to any space they inhabit. When it was time to anoint our space with signage, he thankfully answered the call. He is a rare talent we hope to collaborate with often. You can find Joe Swec Sign Painting on Facebook and see more of his prolific work. Select photos by Julie Cope.

swec-blog-01 swec-blog-02 swec-blog-03 swec-blog-04 swec-blog-10 swec-blog-05 swec-blog-06 swec-blog-07 swec-blog-11 swec-blog-09

David Clark - Kartwheel

Kartwheel Hero

Austin artist and designer David Clark has emerged as one of the most talented craftsman in the country. Out of his custom shop Kartwheel he creates one-of-a-kind furniture, structures, retail spaces, and three-dimensional artwork. He puts an extraordinary amount of soul into every project he touches, and we couldn’t feel more fortunate that he agreed to take on the entire design and build-out of our Preacher home. Check out more handcrafted output from a visionary mind at Photos by Alexandra Valenti & Julie Cope.

kartwheel-blog-02 kartwheel-blog-03 kartwheel-blog-06 kartwheel-blog-05 kartwheel-blog-07 kartwheel-blog-04 kartwheel-blog-08 kartwheel-blog-09

Jason Archer - Visual Artist

Archer Hero

One of the first people we reached out to when deciding to start Preacher was acclaimed visual artist Jason Archer. His creative spirit and generous heart represents everything we love about Austin. He's since acted as our cultural sherpa, introducing us to an array of legendary characters as rich as those depicted in his work. We are so proud to see him featured in the inaugural Pop Austin International Art Show alongside Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey and a host of world-renown contemporary artists. You can find more of his artwork online at Select photos by Brandon Freeman & Calvin Millar.

archer-blog-03 archer-blog-02 archer-blog-07 archer-blog-06 archer-blog-04 archer-blog-05