Torn But
Not Tattered

Abstract stories told through texture and culture.

Lanecia Rouse

A multidisciplinary artist from Houston, TX, Lanecia Rouse focuses her work on liminal space, the possibilities present in materials, and the everyday quests humans undergo to construct meaningful and content lives. Informing her art are the subjects of sociology, theology, culture, poetry, and history.

Vignette14 OP1
The Testof Time5
The Test Of Time4
PRHI Nstallation Lanecia6
PRH Installation Lanecia2
PRH Intallation Lanecia7
PRHI Nstallation Lanecia8
PR Hinstallation Lanecia 1
IMG 6181
PRH Round51 Alex Barber5 min
PRH Installation Alex Barber51 min
Sweet Golden
Detailsof Sweet Golden1
She Dreams In Color1