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Case Study

Welcome To the Organization

Case Study
  • Seek
    How do we overcome a brand image that feels a bit unapproachable and perfectionistic?
  • Reveal
    Make the positive emotional effects of getting organized accessible to everyone.
  • Believe
    Welcome to The Organization, a campaign that openly invites all–especially the uninitiated–to discover the power of organization.

Logo Design

To make the brand feel a bit more inviting, we updated our logo and created a new icon to accompany it. The set of satisfyingly-stacked containers, each subtly smiling back at you, is a taste of organization’s emotional effects.
TCS Logo Animation
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To change our perfectionist persona we took to TikTok with a challenge that acknowledged the first step to joining The Organization was admitting we all have organizing to do.
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The final step to fighting the perception problem was creating simple applications that served as invitations. Because when it comes to joining The Organization, everyone qualifies.
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