Nike - We Run In Mass.

Design / Experiential / Retail / Strategy

Nike came to Preacher to build its running community and re-open its flagship store in Boston. Given the town’s pride and New Balance heritage, we teamed up with Guido Vitti, a renowned local photographer and running enthusiast. He and experiential producers, NA Collective, organically brought out some of the city’s most dedicated runners to join us. We ended up staging the run club events as editorial-style photo shoot around landmark routes. From our inspirational line “We Run in MASS.” and this collection of images, we created retail imagery, signage, official Nike gear and a limited edition zine.

Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_1 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_2 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_3 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_4 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_5 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_6 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_7 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_8 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_9 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_10 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_11 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_12 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_13 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_14 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_15 Nike_We_Run_In_Mass_Preacher_16

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