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Michelin-starred chef and friend of Preacher, George Mendes, was about to open his highly-anticipated new restaurant in NYC. It was a very personal statement for him, and he entrusted us to develop the entire brand identity and key assets for Lupulo (which means hops in Portuguese). We created everything from the signage to menus, water bottles to business cards, and are especially fond of the fiery rooster logomark, affectionately nicknamed Rick.

George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_1 George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_2 George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_7 George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_4 George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_5 George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_6 George_Mendes_Lupulo_Preacher_8

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