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We created this brand from scratch for a group of coffee enthusiast entrepreneurs. Looking to be a specialty player with all the local authenticity and without any of the typical affectation, we named it Seventh Flag Coffee Co. Referencing the six flags that have flown over Texas, this is now the seventh – a welcoming union of coffee lovers, which we call “Our Country of Friends.” As a partner in the business, we have touched everything from retail design to branding and special events to social media.

Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_1 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_2 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_3 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_4 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_5 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_6 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_7 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_8 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_9 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_10 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_11 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_12 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_13 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_14 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_15 Seventh_Flag_Coffee_Preacher_16

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