Capsule - The Man Who Never Changed

Brand Campaign / Digital / Film / OOH / Strategy

At a time when technology is shaking up seemingly every industry, pharmacies have somehow remained stuck in the past. Capsule is changing that. By combining app-based convenience, same-day delivery, and personal pharmacist care, Capsule has been transforming the way New Yorkers manage their prescriptions. They enlisted Preacher to help create a sense of urgency around signing up for those aware of the brand as well as introduce the brand to new markets. In our research, we discovered that no amount product education could overcome the inertia of sticking with what they knew. Plus, switching pharmacies sounded like a pain. So we developed “Welcome Change to Pharmacy” as our rallying cry in TV, digital and social video, and OOH to show that the time to switch is now. Because as as our hero video illustrates, sometimes the only thing harder than changing is not changing at all.

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