Lighten Up - Joe Swec Gallery Show


In June, we had the privilege of hosting a show for our local sign painting hero, Joe Swec, and his year-long labor of love project “Lighten Up" - 101 matchbooks he painstakingly painted by hand. The Preacher gallery was overflowing with support from Austin’s creative community, taking in Joe’s craft and profound life advice – proof that big ideas can fit onto any canvas, no matter how small. We’re grateful for the reminder. Special thanks to Greg Giannukos, Vineet Gorhandas and our house manager Phil for the photography.

Joe-Swec-12 Joe-Swec-09 Joe-Swec-14 Joe-Swec-02 Joe-Swec-10 Joe-Swec-04 Joe-Swec-22 Joe-Swec-27 Joe-Swec-03 Joe-Swec-05 Joe-Swec-26 Joe-Swec-06 Joe-Swec-20 Joe-Swec-28 Joe-Swec-08 Joe-Swec-07 Joe-Swec-21 Joe-Swec-16 Joe-Swec-01 Joe-Swec-24 Joe-Swec-11 Joe-Swec-29 Joe-Swec-19 Joe-Swec-13 Joe-Swec-23