October 17th - November 1st

There and Back Again

Adam Young & Aaron Michalovic

Two of Austin's most special artists, Aaron Michalovic and Adam Young, have returned to Preacher Gallery to showcase their new body of work, “There and Back Again”.

Adam is a self taught artist, woodworker and metalworker from southwest Louisiana. His youth in the wooded-swamplands of his boyhood home, curiosity of the natural world, musical heroes, historical truths and local lore, plus the art of storytelling, all play parts in the work he creates. Adam works and lives in Austin with his wife Rachel and their daughter Magnolia who equally inspire his work.

Inspired by hand-made, process-evident building and art making, Aaron's work ranges from timber frame structures, to furniture and useable goods, to wood collage. Growing up on the coast of Maine, Aaron has always had a deep love for colors seen in the natural world. After moving to Austin a little over ten years ago, he started collecting reclaimed materials that were being thrown away as houses in his neighborhood were torn down. Using these materials he started to experiment with different paints and patterns to make art. As a woodworker, Aaron has a passion for the use of hand tools, and is obsessed with the minute details.

Adam Young , Aaron Michalovic