February 17th - March 6th

Present Primitive

Alexandra Valenti

Opening Reception

February 17th


Closing Reception

March 6th


When spending time with Alexandra Valenti’s multimedia works, viewers will find imagery that is simultaneously familiar and abstract. These images evoke both a sense of connectivity to the natural world and one of nostalgic reverence for monumental constructions found in ancient cityscapes. The architectural influences from which Valenti pulls inspiration once stood as practical structures that showcased the ingenuity of human design, now existing as artifacts of cultures connected to Alexandra’s family lineage in Italy. In a way, these works are a device which connect her to a family history which is generally known, yet the individual narratives of which still remain mysterious. This work is a subconscious study of the stylistic influences and impulses we inherit from our ancestors, even when their guidance may not actively be sought after. Another important consideration is the inspiration derived from natural spaces. Spaces which show limited signs of infrastructure and are untouched by man, which manifest themselves in the organic palette and shapes featured in these works. The humility and balance found in nature is a repeating theme for Alexandra, which taps into a universal relationship all human beings have with environments which know no sense of time.

Being confronted with grand and majestic imagery, both natural and unnatural, elicit a similar response in us. Sometimes all we desire is for things to be put into a new perspective which inspires us to view the world with amazement and gratitude.

Alexandra Valenti

119 West 8th St Austin TX 78701

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