March 11th - April 26th

Peaced Together

David Clark

Kartwheel founder and creative director David Clark presents Peaced Together — a collection of explorative work opening Thursday, March 22nd at Preacher Gallery. After debuting at SXSW, David’s exciting new series will be open to the public through April.

Created at the edge of the artist’s comfort zone and inspired by unity and the pulse of the human species, this collection revisits David’s love of graphic art and two-dimensional design. The pieces feature layers of linen in off-white shades, all hand dyed using tea and coffee and combined with rope and other uniquely natural materials to show a focus on softness — both literally and figuratively.

The sharp focus on textiles references the softness of the spirit and our undeniable interconnectedness as human beings. Ultimately we are all one, and David’s incredible vision in this new work helps to enforce that fact in this time of social and political turmoil.

David is preparing for what’s next, pushing himself further to go after those larger dreams, and he invites us all to join in his process and feel our connection as members of the human species.

David Clark