June 7th - June 26th

Here We Are Together

Heather Sundquist Hall

Heather Sundquist Hall is an illustrator based in Texas. Her paintings are heavily drawn from memories, nostalgia, and stories.

Much of the focus of Heather’s work is on the details or the more quiet aspects of the day (or night). It’s the subtle shift in light at sunset she pays homage to, or even the kind of plaid a couch was that was in her grandmother’s house in 1986. These often overlooked details become characters in her stories and illuminate memories through new eyes. Her artwork is also an attempt to honor what has been forgotten. Whether it’s the authentic parts or her own perception, painting isa cathartic release that brings new light to the past and allows for intention and reflection for what is ahead.

Heather’s aim is to inspire the viewer to pause for a quiet moment when viewing her work. She hopes to hit a chord in some way, even just the smallest tug on their heartstrings.

Heather Sundquist Hall