April 5th - April 25th

Big Flat Art Show

Jack Sanders

Jack Sanders believes in practicing his practice. All-at-once a designer-builder-baseball player-painter-printer-adventurer, Jack more simply refers to himself as an artist. A student of architecture at the Rural Studio at Auburn University, led by Sambo Mockbee, Jack learned the value of using the materials in front of you and the space given to you to stretch your artistic range. It’s a challenge that requires a willingness to find your way through—to start not knowing the end, to design while you build, and to let the material guide you. To him, it’s no different than an at-bat on his field at The Long Time. You step to the plate and use what comes to you, knowing your success depends on how much you learn and adjust along the way.

Jack Sanders’ Big Flat Art show is his most recent exploration of new mediums and dimensions. A collection of studies and exercises, his pulled raffia ribbons find their way through each other in intricate weavings, his pen and ink drawings offer keyholes into galaxies of stars, his tortilla moons explore the constellations hidden in the flour, and his gold and silver cut paper pieces stack together like the trophies of our imaginations.

Over the coming month Jack plans to use this gallery space much the same as he would use any other, filling it with performance and exploration across a variety of mediums. Every viewing will offer the opportunity to view the work and space anew, as Jack and collaborating artists explore this space together.

We thank you for coming and invite you along for the adventure.

Jack Sanders