July 13th - August 12th

A Plain View

Jason Lee

The photographs presented here were made by Jason Lee throughout Texas over the course of four separate road trips in early 2017 using expired 4x5 Kodak color films and a Graflex Speed Graphics view camera.

'One of my greatest pleasures is driving and exploring the rural, the outskirts, the small towns, film cameras in the car. I've done quite a lot of this over the years, mostly exposing 35mm black-and-white films, and mostly in New Mexico, Arizona, and California, so I wanted to explore Texas, where I've been living, and now in color and on bigger film. I'd had a certain look in mind, as well as a desire to see this landscape, these American scenes, in a different way, and the large format expired color films allowed me to accomplish that.'

Jason Lee

Archived Artwork